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Showbie the way to go…



I recently posted a comparison between my much-loved Edmodo and ‘new kid on the block’ Showbie. Like most schools making extensive use of iPads, teachers here are looking for convenient work-flow solutions to students returning work and teachers returning feedback.

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve added Showbie to do this. With a couple of groups I have students creating independent research reports on the life of Gandhi using ‘Book Creator‘ as a kind of publishing platform.

Using their given class code, students register with Showbie after downloading the free app. To submit work, they find their book, tap on share, open in Showbie and pick the folder it needs to go to. This whole process takes a matter of seconds.

Later, at home, lounging by the poolside (in my dreams) I can see from the class list who has handed in, then open in Book Creator before finally adding text or voice comments back in Showbie. Doing it this way seems to cause minimum down/up loading time.

On some other documents I’ve found annotating and giving voice feedback is also possible, but the cost is increased load times which can be a nuisance with a larger class.

By bouncing the projects back and forward between students and me I hope to be able to give feedback in time to improve the quality of the final presentation. It also leaves both me and the student with a trail of comments during the process which should prove useful.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, it really is time.




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