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iPad 1:1 Week 2 already? Saving trees with Skitch


When a student began with ‘Remember in the old days when we didn’t have iPads…’ I knew that things were moving quickly. Just two weeks in and the device seems to have been here forever.

I am trying to give students experience of various apps. so that they can make informed decisions about which is the most useful for any given task. It is good to see them realising that an app used in one subject can be just as useful in another and yet again seems to point to the process rather than the content of apps being the main deal.

As an English teacher, I often want students to be able to annotate texts and discuss their findings.
This week we have been substituting Skitch for the photocopying and highlighter open routine.
I made one copy of the texts and then students photographed the extract and found ways of annotating, colour coding and more before sharing their findings with the group. Afterwards they said that they found it very convenient and liked the fact that we hadn’t needed so much paper. he departmental budget should also be a bit healthier.




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