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Explain Everything…first impressions.

There are quite a few apps around offering to act as mini-whiteboards/PowerPoint substitutes/presentational devices. For quick one-offs I like educreations for its simplicity, but for something a little more sophisticated which leaves you with various options of format for saving (and leaving you in ‘ownership’ of your products) ‘Explain Everything‘ seems to be a particularly good option.

As ever, I tried to overcomplicate things at first by trying to create something Pixar would produce, but then calmed down a bit. The usual functions you would expect: line drawing, typing, shapes, insert images, simple animation etc are there, along with voice recording. (My only dislike is being unable to disconnect the mic which seems to be leaving some clicks and buzzes on the sound track, but perhaps I’ll find a work round in due course).

Export is available in a variety of formats, and I look forward to use it as we try a little tentative ‘flipping’ of the classroom and for students to present their findings.



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Tweet not the poor desk – trying to set up a PLN on Twitter

I’d dismissed Twitter as a forum for the egocentric; I couldn’t see the point of announcing to the world that you were drinking coffee. We went thought the same thing with ‘I’m on the train’ when mobile phones were popularised.
However, I need a place to keep track of all of the useful sites I come across and started to use Twitter a few days ago as an alternative to bookmarks. Gradually I’ve started to follow a few people, and now reading what is thrown up on Flipboard has become part of my daily routine.

It occurred to me that what I was finding might be useful to colleagues in the Department, and so I’m going to try to see if we can create our own little PLN to share what we find. My hope is that by starting in a supported way, that colleagues will then branch out on their own to explore further areas of interest. We’ve all just been issued with iPads and so this seems like a good time to capture the interest and enthusiasm currently being shown. Like most teams, we have a broad range of experience, so I hope that this isn’t ging to be too much too soon.

Here’as the quick invitation sent out to the group:

Twitter – a modest proposal

How do you find useful advice? How do you share things you’ve found?

I want to propose that we create our own Personal Learning Network (PLN) as we get started with iPads. This way, we can quickly and easily share our ‘finds’.


Make a Twitter account. I suggest we use staff initials plus ’eng’ as a name (eg XXXeng) to make us easy to find but fairly anonymous..

Download the Twitter app for convenience.

What happens then?

If we then ‘follow’ each other, we can share anything we come across on the net.
If you see something you like, use the share icon and select ‘Tweet’. Add a couple of lines to tell us what it is and then send.

Already a Twit/Tweeter?

If you are already a Twit/Tweeter … then you can decide for yourself if you keep a separate work profile or if you want to let us follow you.

Of course, if you also sign up to Flipboard then all of these words of wisdom from your colleagues can come flying directly to you in the format of a glossy magazine! We may never need another copy of ‘Hello’ in the Department.

I thought about the naming system after I’d been playing around with this for a few days – by which time I’d already started an account. You can follow me at @AlCass2 where I’ve already put some useful stuff relating to Twitter, iPads, Language Study and more.

I’m sure we’ll refine this idea as time goes by but it seems like a good place to start
Ali Cass
June 2012

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