I think we have a problem….

I think we have a problem….

Two conversations from the first couple of weeks of term are quietly but persistently nagging away at me.

Getting to know my new Year 7 students.
Q. What do you most enjoy doing in English?
A. When the teacher reads and we have to say if it is AT2, AT3 or AT4.

Students, in role as Michael from ‘Skellig’ settle down to write a diary entry.
Q. Shall I write down the Learning Objectives?

What are we doing if the joy of English is being squeezed out of our children by the cramming to get them through KS2 with the highest levels?

Of course I want to see literate children. But instead I am seeing stilted and stultified formulaic writing produced to include a variety of sentence lengths and a semi-colon every paragraph.

It’s English, Jim, but not as we know it.


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