Silent Communication

Some of the teaching I do happens with groups of around 80 students. These are very active sessions which usually consist of a rapid sequence of activities done in pairs and small groups
before then feeding back to the group. Traditional classroom pedagogy isn’t always effective.

This source from The Teaching Channel was referenced on an Edmodo community and looked interesting. It features Madeline Noonan demonstrating silent signals. I’m still looking for ways to get responses from large groups where the usual ‘hands up’ doesn’t work. Might this be a way to quickly gain feedback from the group to see if concepts have been grasped and judge when it is time to move on? Because everyone is signalling at the same time, it might give students confidence to signal what they think and understand – rather than risking putting up their hand to find they’re with a group of people getting the ‘wrong answer’.

The other method I’d been thinking of trying was by using the traffic light colour cards the students have in their Planners, but this might be easier and we wouldn’t waste time remembering what the colours mean.


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