Some good advice on introducing Twitter from syded


A number of solutions have been suggested to remove these barriers and are proving fruitful alongside our iPad trial:

  • Allow time for twitter professional development with any presentation immediately followed up with individual trouble-shooting and support
  • Create a ‘ring-fenced‘ twitter trial zone. In reality this is a number of protected twitter accounts that follow each other with no fear of external input
  • Provide staff with a mobile device with easy access to twitter
  • Publish case studies and evidence of twitter enhancing learning for students. Staffroom information gleaned from a twitter source is particularly useful
  • Interact with any new colleague on twitter to encourage repetition of ‘good practice’. Simply conducting a twitter chat can illustrate how easy the process can be
  • Encourage the following of hashtags to illustrate the variety of language used by members of the twitter community

The desire of twitter educators to introduce the medium to colleagues is fuelled by the very reason they are so keen on the medium. The collaborative nature of the twitter community directly complements the sharing of good practice within an establishment.

If I’m honest I hope we are successful in introducing as many colleagues as possible to twitter. Professional development doesn’t get much better?


The ring fencing seems like a good first step and goes beyond my earlier post’s suggestion of some inconspicuous mutual following.


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