How to remember…and another way of collecting resources to share

From Evernote:

How to remember


I really liked the way this was presented. The advice is useful too!

I’m trying to think hard about how I can easily share bits and prices I come across. Posterous has always been a kind of personal memory board to record useful resources or thoughts and so on; the fact that others can read it has been secondary – but rewarding.

Now, I seem to have three audiences: me; anyone else wiith similar interests in education; and colleagues starting on the iPad trial.

So I am thinking about easy ways to pass on useful links. I’m just starting with Twitter @AlCass2 which I think will be useful for passing on links, whereas Posterous allows greater comment and a place to share new material.

Managing the URLs is problematic and I’m trying out mailing links to a dedicated Evernotes notebook , where I can hold them until I either tweet or post them to Posterous. I’m hoping that this will make things more manageable and keep a record of what is where and be more aware of trends.

By creating a notebook (in this case called alclinks) for these possible links, I can email directly to the notebook by adding @alclinks into the Subject line. This saves looking for the notes later. I can email to Posterous using my Evernote email – because Posterous is clever like that!


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