Adapting to life with iPad

Like nearly everyone I’ve spoken to, my reaction to the iPad has been immensely positive. The difference between using this and my old laptop which fell over several times a day or simply told me that this or that programme was not responding (and would I like to report it?) is striking.

What advice would I give to new users? For a start, keep a note of every new log in and password. I know you think each one is memorable, but after a couple of days of finding new toys with each one needing to be registered or linked, you’ll be glad you did it.

One of my first discoveries was that I could photograph my page of hand written notes for this and save them straight into Evernote. I was simply amazed to find that this fantastic app can search my writing to find the bit I want.

I am struggling though to create a mental map of how things fit together and where stuff is kept. Sorting this out is necessary for my own peace of mind!


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