Some problems in creating a collaborative class blog…

Inspired by Posterous, a couple of years ago I had my Year 8 students create a class blog. It was set up to read like the School Newsletter for the Year 2013 and worked pretty well I even if I say so myself. Because all this was pretty new, I wanted to keep control of posting and so created a site ‘off’ this one, and did all the mailing myself.

Time and classes move on, and this year’s group are planning a blog which is a guide for parents about issues relating to technology.

I don’t want ‘their’ blog to have direct links to this one (one is part of school whereas the ideas in this one are mine) and so I hit on the idea of creating a whole new Posterous place. That would need another email address, I figured, so I created one on gmail.

The problem came when I wasn’t happy with the name of the new site, but couldn’t see how to change it.

Then I started to get confused as I moved between sites. When I tried to ‘Manage’ a site, I wasn’t always where I expected! I think the problem was about remembering to log in and out of sites carefully as I moved between them.

So, thinking this through, I think I need to start again and :

  1. Create another email (gmail?) account.
  2. Create a new Posterous and name it carefully!
  3. Add the students’ email addresses as contributors.

I need to be pretty careful to keep note of the various log ons and passwords don’t I?

Also, I guess the name we really wanted will now not be available because I have already claimed it in practising all this. Bother!




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