Spezify your Search

This is an example of Spezify search on poet ‘Simon Armitage’



I keep looking at how my students go about searching for information. I had a class the other day who needed some illustrations to go with a review of Robert Swindell’s brilliant novel ‘Stone Cold’, and was surprised to see  the same two images appear on no less than six screens. With seemingly limitless resources available, that seemed pretty disheartening.


Perhaps I need to teach my students how to search; I’ll return to this in a later post. For now though, I’m interested in how a different search engine might liberate my students. Spezify seems to fit the bill – particularly for those first tentative explorations of a new topic.

Its non-hierarchical visual listings of images, texts, chat and music presents the user with a searchable mosaic of links.


Well worth a look!


Useful hints:

Click Space bar to get an overview and then return.

You can filter by types from the icons at the top right.

Clicking on the star icon on the bottom left of resources puts them into a Favourites folder. This is useful in class as it allows some prior selection by the teacher and is a great way of introducing Spezify to group.



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