Asking the right questions

Learning objectives – trigger verbs.doc
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Doug Belshaw writes:

It’s important to use these ‘trigger verbs’ – words that relate specifically to actions – when framing learning objectives for (or indeed, with) students. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to know which trigger verbs to use. Is, for example, interpreting a high-order skill than categorizing?

The document …[above].. is based on an original by Ron Rooney of the Education Development Service and provides some clarification. Let me say in advance that I’m aware that some people believe that Synthesis and Evaluation should switch positions from that given in Bloom’s original taxonomy. I’m just providing the document largely as it was given to me.

This fits in very well with the sort of prompts I have been trying to develop in relation to questioning techniques in the classroom with a view towards differentiation and catering for th eneeds of the most able in particular. Here, Doug Belshaw is commenting on them as a useful tool for framing lesson objectives/ learning outcomes.

Perhaps I need this kind of reminder on the back wall of my classroom. The other thing I’ve been playing around with is in creating different ‘order’ questions to go with topics such as ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ so that I can target them to specific students. I suppose, eventually, it will become second nature but for the moment I feel I need the props to support me.




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