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Embedding How-To

There are two main ways to embed pads.

• Embedding an Editable Pad

The first option is to embed an entire editable pad. All your visitors will
have full access to the pad, and can modify it, save revisions, and view its

To embed a pad in your web page, point an iframe‘s src to
an EtherPad URL. For example:

<iframe width=630 height=400
src=”; />

This works for Professional Edition pads too. (If the pad isn’t public, your
visitors will be prompted to log in.)

• Embedding a Read-Only Pad (Broadcasting)

The second option is to embed a read-only view of a pad that updates live. We
refer to this live updating as “broadcasting”. It is useful for, among other
things, live-blogging to a wide audience.

To embed the live-upating view, point an iframe‘s src to
the time-slider view of your pad. For example:

Note that the above iframe code gives away the URL of the pad, so anyone can
go and change the pad’s text! To get around this, go to the time-slider page and
click “Link to read-only page.” You’ll be taken to a page whose URL you can
safely give out and embed without allowing others to edit your pad.

Okay – now this looks particularly interesting for the VLE. Their website suggests that Etherpad already achieves what Wave intends to include thus validating the quality of their idea. Wave will have lots more, of course, but for now our students may find this more manageable.


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