Digital Stories

Center for Digital Storytelling seems to be a useful site on this topic and contains an interesting extract from their Cookbook

There are some excellent examples to be found on this site too. Basically they are short (approx 400 words) recorded personal stories, illustrated with sequences of (usually) still photographs with a soundtrack. Audacity is the obvious way of recording the soundtrack. I wonder which would be the easiest way of pulling in the photos and adding the soundtrack? Studio8 /Premiere? Windows Story Maker3?

I like the idea of using it to tell personal stories. It reminds me a bit of the protobooks from people like Yorkshire Arts Circus (?) I looked at a few years ago. The short text is appealing as it wouldn’t overface students and would encourage fine crafting  of their writing which simply doesn’t happen well with longer texts. It also makes the final product more manageable for sharing with real audiences.

The suggestions in the .pdf include:

  • getting students to record their writing three times so that they can then extract the best bits
  • record using interviewers and then editing the questions out
  • limit students to plan on 6×4 postcards

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