Technical glitches increase in proportion to the importance of the occasion.

It is the old story isn’t it? You use something regularly  and come to trust it, the the first time you show it to an audience and it all goes pear-shaped. So of course, the day I show the blog site to the class and to two observers doing a ‘Quality Assurance’ grading on my lesson I get the dreaded ‘503 error’ message in the minutes before the class enter and I’m setting up the room. After several attempts, and the class now queing outside the door, I eventually got an image on my screen; however, I was looking at  place holders instead of pictures, and ominous black spaces where the videos should be.

I managed to get the lesson going whilst thinking about how was going to switch the running order to get another go at loading the site. In the end I could show them the iPaper versions of Word documents and the temporary texts around the placeholders.

What was really annoying, though, was at the end of the lesson and  the last students filed out of the room, the system burst back into all-singing all-dancing life! Typical, isn’t it?  So, I showed it to my next class of hard-to-impress Year 10 students so they could witness that it did actually exist. And their reaction?  “That’s quite cool”. Wow! From them, that is absolutely dizzying praise.


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