Receiving items for the project’s blog site

By the end of the first week of  planning, students began to  submit draft ‘features’. Photos were easily managed, as were things in Word, but a couple of sections filmed on mobile phones are still proving problematic. One student very sensibly uploaded his work to You Tube (without this being suggested) so we should be able to pull that in easily and it illustrates the intuitive nature of Posterous.

Keeping control of postings was, I think, sensible on the very first blog – but logistically it was a fair old challenge in a lesson with students using different formats and storage faciities. In the end, I came up with a card index system to  log the feature, the location of storage, group members and any quick reminders. These should also be quite useful for sorting out the running order.

The first few were then posted that evening from home so that the student could see them in  class the next day. I put a password protection on the site as these aredraft items and we need to decide on access an the level of comments we are going to allow.

A few students emailed items in later that evening (the final one being at 10.20pm).


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