Sophie? Are you there?

If you are, see if  you can edit anything on this page. I don’t think you should be able to. Can you add any comments?



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6 responses to “Sophie? Are you there?

  1. experimenting_with

    I can add a comment, I think…have to be a signed up member of posterous first, mind, you can’t just comment anonymously.

  2. experimenting_with

    Don’t seem to be able to add or fiddle with anything, though!

  3. Sachin Agarwal

    you can enable commenting without accounts in site settings

  4. s3atlarge

    Is this automatically generated response? If not, thanks. I’m looking at posterous to use with some of my students. As with anything new, I like to check how robust it is so that we know we can show students’ work without them getting malicious/offensive comments etc. Ali

  5. Sachin Agarwal

    Right now if you allow commenting only by users, you probably won’t get any comment spam or offensive comments since there’s a face behind every comment.if you enable commenting without an account, this might become a problem and you’ll need to monitor comments and delete bad ones.We’ll also be adding comment moderation soon so that you can approve comments before they are published

  6. s3atlarge

    That sounds terrific. I have to say that I am most impressed by all I have seen and tried so far. And I’m completely stunned to get such quick and helpful responses! Sincere thanks and well done.

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