Media project

An alternative to using Interest Spaces to hold ‘finished’ work might be to create a Class Posterous site. The safeguard could be for submissions to be submitted by email to me and then forwarded to the site ( ie no direct posting). Comments could be either turned on or off as we decided. This would allow ‘real world’ publishing for the product and so a real audience. All we would need to release is the chosen name for the site. Parents, fellow students etc could have a look.  This would also keep full control and be independent.

Other advantages would be:

  • simple arrangement of different kinds of media
  • automated formating
  • stability?
  • an introduction to new popular media
  • could respond to what the students are using themselves

We should establish some protocols for names etc.



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One response to “Media project

  1. s3atlarge

    Another option would be to make the finished version ‘private’ and then release password to likely audiences. There seems to be a fair amount of flexibility in controlling comments etc. At this stage, presumably, we could invite comments

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